A Cause for Celebration, A Moment for Clarification 

By McKenzie Kemper, Freelance Journalist & Commentary Writer

Here’s a dirty little secret for you- on the night I turned 18, the moment the clock turned from 11:59 pm to 12 am- I registered as a Republican because I was ferociously pro-life. It was the highlight of my eighteenth birthday for various, mundane reasons. 

I still have the grainy, early 2000’s digital camera picture of me grinning from ear to ear with pride and excitement that I could vote to support the Pro-Life party. 

Then I was raped. 

And the police failed me horribly, and I made the choice to carry a pregnancy in the ER if one should arise from the night I was raped. 

A pregnancy did arise and my body self-aborted that pregnancy from the trauma. 

I thank the powers that be every single day for that miscarriage, but I am so thankful that I- as a wounded, traumatized eighteen-year-old young woman- had the CHOICE to live through that miscarriage. 

A couple of years ago, unbeknownst to anyone- my partner at the time included- I got pregnant and the pregnancy was ectopic. I had to abort that child to save my life. 

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice have so many weighted connotations attached to them and neither accurately describes the position of the line drawn in the sand by those titles. 

Pro-Life as it is currently recognized means something along the lines of, “All life is sacred even life conceived under duress and abortion should only, maybe be legal in cases of rape, incest or the Mother’s life.”. 

Pro-Choice is currently recognized as, “Pop abortions like people pop tic-tacs.”.

In listening to the debate held in the House this evening it became increasingly clear that the Pro- Life party, or Republicans, are more concerned with scare tactics and grandiose traumatizing language and less concerned with actual science. I’m terrible at science but I’ve never been one for scare tactics. 

House File One- The Pro Bill- that was passed this evening is not going to cause abortion to become as rampant as buying milk at Cub, or seeing Minnesota sports teams get us excited and that let us down come playoffs (except the women’s teams). House File One simply codifies into law the existing statute that has ensured Minnesotans have bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. 

I have friends in Kentucky and when Roe fell one of the most strict laws in the nation immediately went into effect which means I have several persons who have asked me to be a safe house if they need to have an abortion for any reason. No person, no partner and no life should have to endure more trauma than necessary when determining if an abortion is the best choice for them.

No partner should have to wonder if the Board of Medicine will allow the medically necessary abortion their already suffering person needs will be approved in time to save their lives.

Every person should be allowed to make the choice that is best for them and best for their health with of anyone they desire and I am so proud of Minnesota for ensuring that that will be the law of the land forevermore. 

I have switched parties to become a Registered Democrat because of my life experiences and the life experiences of countless others I know but I am still proud of that 18-year-old girl who had the right to make her own choice.

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