Congress: 10,000 Hours a Week Raising Money

By: Bill Sorem, Freelance Journalist

Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips (CD3) held one of his frequent town halls on March 8 at Wayzata High School in Plymouth, Minnesota.

He opened by stating that members of Congress spend 10,000 an average week. “in their relentless pursuit of money for their campaigns…To be elected to Congress takes millions and millions of dollars, and I want to find a way where we don’t have a Congress populated by people of means or people who are connected to great means, or people who have to sacrifice and sell their souls to raise money all the time.”

Two Wayzata High School students raised the issue of being forced to respond to loud noises for fear of gunshots in the school. Phillips responded, “In spite of great efforts in behalf of a lot of us in this Congress to at least offer some solutions… the Senate simply refuses to even debate them.”

Phillips concluded by discussing coronavirus. He said he has had lengthy discussions with federal officials including the Vice President and with many state officials.

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