Committee Summary: House Preventing Homelessness Division Meeting, Jan. 27

The Department of Corrections and Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness presented to the House Preventing Homelessness Division Wednesday. The committee and agencies discussed incarceration and homelessness, racial disparities and the…
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Concerns About Minneapolis Long-Range Affordable Housing Plan

Minneapolis has a revised long-range plan for affordable housing that's raising lots of questions and concerns from residents.
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Affordable Housing Becoming Harder To Find In Minnesota

“Housing has something to do with everything,” said Debra Behrens, Chief Advancement Officer, Aeon an organization that focuses on helping people find quality affordable homes and stability in their lives.
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Lowry Grove Residents Refuse to Lose Homes After Surprise Property Sale to Corporate Developer

Lowry Grove residents own their own homes, but not the land under them. The land owner plans to kick them out, demolish the homes that can't be moved and sell…
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Occupy Wins Home in North Minneapolis, Defends Latino Home in South

Alejandra and her brother David, two Minneapolis college students and activists for the Dream Act, took the Occupy Homes pledge this week to stay in the house which their Mexican…
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Hopeful Sign For Occupy-Backed Homeowner Facing Foreclosure

For months US Bank has denied having any control over foreclosure proceedings against North Minneapolis homeowner Monique White, but now US Bank officials are working quietly behind the scenes, apparently…
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