Committee Summary: House Local Government Division Committee, Feb. 23

The House Local Government Division Committee met on Feb. 23 at 8:30am to discuss HF3256 Legalizing Affordable Housing Act (Rep Steve Elkins DFL).
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A Way to Help St. Paul Residents Stay Home

Housing justice is a contentious issue in St. Paul, with rent control and rent stabilization being two primary sources of friction. HENS is an organization that seeks to support St.…
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Radical News Radio Hour: Rent Stabilization (Episode 36)

On today's episode we discuss rent stabilization and launch a month-long deepdive into the stories and issues of housing justice across Minneapolis-Saint Paul.
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Committee Summary: House Preventing Homelessness Division Meeting, Jan. 27

The Department of Corrections and Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness presented to the House Preventing Homelessness Division Wednesday. The committee and agencies discussed incarceration and homelessness, racial disparities and the…
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Concerns About Minneapolis Long-Range Affordable Housing Plan

Minneapolis has a revised long-range plan for affordable housing that's raising lots of questions and concerns from residents.
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Affordable Housing Becoming Harder To Find In Minnesota

“Housing has something to do with everything,” said Debra Behrens, Chief Advancement Officer, Aeon an organization that focuses on helping people find quality affordable homes and stability in their lives.
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