How Should We Pay For Campaigns & Elections?

By: Allison Herrera, UpTake Reporter 

It takes a lot of money to get elected to federal office in the United States. Barack Obama’s campaign spent $750 million in 2008 to win the Presidency. Tens of millions of dollars are spent on single Senate campaigns.

Who should pay for that? More and more the answer has been large corporations who now can spend unlimited dollars on ads to influence elections

Is that the way it should be? The UpTake posed that question to mostly Republican voters in Iowa during the January caucuses. Surprisingly most of the conservative voters we talked to told us there should be some sort of limit on what corporations can do to influence elections. That’s in direct opposition to the Republican party line that corporations should be able to spend as much as they want on elections.

Video shot by Allison Herrera and Jacob Wheeler, edited by Allison Herrera.

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