Meet Rep. Bachmann’s Republican Primary Challenger

Text and video by Ken Avidor

Professor Aubrey Immelman is challenging Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN CD6) in the Republican primary in September. Aubrey Immelman is a professor at the College of Saint Bennedict, Saint Johns University in Saint Joseph. Professor Immelman’s field is political Psychology, Hypnosis, Forensic Psychology. According to his web site, Professor Immelman is also a military consultant specializing in nuclear counterproliferation, human factors, threat assessment, flexible deterrent options, force multipliers and psyops.

In addition to his concerns about foreign policy, Professor Immelmann brings a unique perspective to the Sixth District race on U.S. immigration policy. In the interview, Professor Immelman speaks about his own experience as an immigrant from South Africa.

Aubrey Immelmann has been accused by some Republicans in the Sixth District of being a DFL proxy and cite Immelman’s support for Patty Wetterling in 2006. In this interview, Professor Immelman explains that he and Patty Wetterling worked together before the 2006 election. Professor Immelman says he hopes his campaign will bring more attention to unsolved cases of missing, abducted and murdered children.

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