Minnesotans Asked to Give to the Max This Week

More than 10,000 charitable organizations are expected to benefit from donations from Minnesotans this week.

Thursday is Give to the Max Day, set up to help charities across the state.

Jake Blumberg, executive director of GiveMN, says for residents who want to help but don’t always have the time to attend a fundraiser or volunteer at a local organization, there’s an online marketplace set up so you can donate with the click of a mouse.

“You can do it by typing in the exact organization’s name or even just typing in hunger, or animals,” he explains. “And then you’ll be presented through our online marketplace options of great organizations that you can support with your gift.”

Blumberg says no matter how small the dollar amount, every donation helps schools and nonprofit groups in the state.

Blumberg says last year more than 62,000 donors gave to about 6,000 organizations, and he adds nearly all gave to more than one charity.

“Our average gift was $148, which means there were thousands of people who gave $10 or $20 to support the organization they care about,” he relates. “And when you take those smaller gifts and add them together, the impact is incredible.”

Those wishing to participate in Give to the Max Day can do so now at GiveMN.org.

Editor’s note: The UpTake is one of the many non-profits participating in Give To The Max Day. You can support our work with a donation here.

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