MN Amendment Would Make Voting A Privilege, Not A Right Says Election Official

By: Michael McIntee, UpTake Reporter

It was a long list of people wanting to testify against a proposed constitutional amendment requiring a photo ID to vote in MInnesota. Leading the list was Beth Fraser, a representative from the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. She told the Senate Local Government and Elections Committee:

“While many people have photo IDs there’s still significant portions of our community, like Senator Harrington’s mother. Tens of thousands of Minnesota senior citizens who do not possess photo ID and obtaining one would be difficult at best and impossible at worst.

“The constitution is the state’s supreme law and it should be used to protect the rights of our citizens not to turn rights into privileges. Unlike a statute that can be easily modified to adjust to societal changes, the constitution endures and is much more difficult to change.

“We should not be adding references to specific technologies such as photo ID that could go the way of the 8 track cassette. This proposal is simply a bad idea. Please protect the right to vote for over 700,000 Minnesotans and vote against this proposed constitutional amendment. “

Full video of Minnesota Senate hearing on voter photo ID

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