Occupy Homes Confronts Mayor Rybak to Stop Foreclosure

By: Jacob Wheeler, UpTake Reporter


Dozens of Twin Cities Occupy Homes activists appear at R.T. Rybak’s monthly public office hours in an appeal to the Minneapolis Mayor to intercede on behalf of Monique White. The embattled North Minneapolis homeowner faces a March 5 court date, after which the African-American single mother who works two jobs could be evicted.

Rybak claimed it wasn’t in his power to stop Freddie Mac from asking the police to evict White, whose home has already gone through foreclosure. But Occupy activists disagreed, accusing Rybak of siding with the banks and adding that mayors of other cities have stopped their police from evicting troubled homeowners.

After Rybak left the conference room, Occupy activists debated what to do next, with time running out on Monique White’s home possession. In City Hall’s third floor hallway, activists Mel Reeves and Joe Hesla courted City Council member Don Samuels and asked him to join other council members in opposing home foreclosures.

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