Radical News Radio Hour: Welcome Back

The Radical News Radio Hour is back from hiatus!

Over the next five months, through the end of May, we’ll publish every Friday. Our focus is primarily on the work happening out of the Minnesota State Legislature, during the 2023 legislative session, though we’ll always take a moment to think and talk about what else is happening across Minneapolis, Minnesota, and even the country.

For today’s episode, we’re talking with Clark Biegler Goldenrod, the Deputy Director at the Minnesota Budget Project. We’re also speaking with Dr. Amy Marschall, a South-Dakota-based Psychologist and the Founder of Resiliency Mental Health, about her work around autism advocacy.

Links and resources mentioned in the episode:

Rizoma: A Community News

Resiliency Mental Health

Autism advocacy petition

Minnesota Budget Project

Journalism of Color Training Center

Episode Transcription

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