Senator Shuts Down Student Who Brings Up Gun Bills

By: Michael McIntee, UpTake Reporter

A Minnesota high school student was told he was out of order when he called on lawmakers to address gun violence in schools.

School of Environmental Studies senior Josh Groven demanded the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee hear bills that would restrict guns. Committee Chairman Sen. Warren Limmer told Groven and other students with him that they were out of order since that was not the topic of the bill they were hearing. Groven’s microphone was cut off, Limmer called for a recess and had Groven and others escorted out.

Despite intense pressure from constituents, Republicans who control the Minnesota Senate so far have failed to schedule a hearing on any gun violence prevention bills. The Republican controlled House did hold one hearing on gun bills, but tabled them before a vote could be taken.

The bills are facing a Thursday deadline. They must pass one committee or they can no longer be considered this session.

Above: Video of confrontation

Groven and about 20 students staged a sit-in protest at Limmer’s office to call for expanded background checks on gun sales and other gun violence prevention bills. Limmer eventually met with the group and says Republicans are considering the students’ request.

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