Soldier/Teacher: Trump’s Plan Is “Dangerous”, “Arm Me With A School Counselor” Instead

By: Michael McIntee, UpTake Reporter

An Apple Valley high school teacher who is also a soldier calls President Donald Trump’s plan to arm teachers to deter school shootings “foolish and dangerous.”

“Don’t arm me with a gun. Arm me with a school counselor, a school nurse, a psychologist, a music teacher and a small classroom I can work with,” says Dennis Draughn who is a social studies teacher at Apple Valley High School, Minnesota and member of the Minnesota Army National Guard and Education Minnesota​.

He told a crowd gathered for the Working People’s Day Of Action rally at the Minnesota state capitol “As a soldier I know something about military weapons. And I know any plan to arm teachers to stop a man with an AR15 is foolish and dangerous. If you say otherwise you are not listening to veterans.”

You can watch the entire rally as it was live streamed on The UpTake here.

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