Video Replay: Breaking Down Barriers To Government Environmental Records

Video by Bill Sorem; Text by Michael McIntee and Bill Sorem

By law, citizens have rights to see environmental records in government files. In practice, how clear is that access?

Effective environmental protection begins with information, much of it in the files of government agencies. By state and federal law, Minnesota citizens have broad rights to view those files. In practice, how are those laws working? Can concerned citizens get ready access to the files in a clear, timely and affordable manner?

The Minnesota Coalition on Government Information discusses the law, current practice and public policy options regarding public access to environmental records. The session provides practical, expert information to help inform journalists, lawmakers and the concerned public.

Panelists are:
Alicia Kubas, Government Publications and Regional Depository Librarian at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, main organizer for a DataRescue-Twin Cities event in Minneapolis, MN.
Kathryn Hoffman, Executive Director of the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy
Don Gemberling, the state’s top expert on the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act
Star Tribune Reporter Tom Meersman moderates.

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