A New Politician: Alfreda Daniels runs for Brooklyn Center City Council

By: Afua (Nyia) Harris

On a chilly January evening, I met a woman running for Brooklyn Center City Council. Her name is Alfreda Daniels. She just happened to be the guest speaker at my union meeting. Before Daniels left the meeting, she said she would be happy to meet with any of us for coffee sometime. She seemed like an interesting person so I decided to take her up on her offer. After some back and forth text messages, we set a date, and met up a week later.

I introduced myself and explained why I wanted to write an article on her and without any hesitation, she agreed.

This piece is the result of our freelance community journalism training program. The UpTake is not endorsing this candidate and is only responsible for ensuring that this article is factual and edited appropriate. The Uptake is committed to training community members to tell the stories that matter to them with a journalistic lens.

Daniels shared with me why she was so passionate about serving the community.  She went on to explain how community building has always been something she personally gravitated towards since she was a young girl.

The words – people, centered, and governance,  echoed throughout our conversation. Case in point, when I asked her what “success” would look like if she were to win, she answered by lifting up her community. 

“Success would mean I would be able to step aside so that someone else within the community with better ideas could take my place,” said Daniels.

Daniels came to the United States by way of Liberia and Ghana. She put herself through school and works for the Labor Federation as a community organizer. Daniels is passionate about safety, civic engagement, economic growth, and housing. You can learn a bit more on her website: alfredadaniels.org.

“I am tired of seeing the working people struggle.  Everything else around us is increasing: food, rent, utilities, gas, but wages remain stagnant and it is not fair,” said Daniels. 

Brooklyn Center’s population is about 63% people of color, but Daniels acknowledges that she needs to work for everyone. 

“Even if I don’t agree with them, I need to listen to them. [People] need to feel heard.” Daniels has proposed a plan to hold monthly town hall meetings, “Nobody is doing that right now and I want to be the first.”

Alfreda Daniels at an immigration rally to stop the separation of children from their parents at the border. She is with support Nelima Sitati

 “I am excited to support Alfreda Daniels’ candidacy for Brooklyn Center City Council. Alfreda is a proven community leader. She is an active member of the community who volunteers her time to serve on various community boards and the city’s task forces and committees,” said Daniels’ support Nelima Sitati. “Her leadership style is collaborative; she has the ability to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to address the important issues in our community. Alfreda will bring her wealth of experience in issues of community development and education to the council.”

Daniels has had plenty of experience when it comes to how to run a campaign. She has helped plenty of Liberian men step into politics, create bases and win. However, she wants to see more Liberian women take leadership roles in the Twin Cities.  

“Young girls need a role model. I want to be that role model,” said Daniels. 

Daniels’ name will be on the ballot in Nov. 2020.

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