Column: The Murder of Daunte Wright and the Demand for Justice, with Niko from Unicorn Riot

By: Marjaan Sirdar, host of the People Power Podcast and Freelance Columnist

Despite charges of second degree manslaughter brought against former Brooklyn Center officer Kim Potter, who killed 20 year-old Daunte Wright on April 11, people want her charged with murder. Activists do not accept the narrative police have created that this was an “accident” or even an act of “negligence.”

“We aren’t gonna take this *s#!t any more,”Acoma Gaither, activist

In response to the demonstrations and calls for justice in the streets, statewide law enforcement are collaborating with the national guard and have the Twin Cities under military occupation with “Operation Safety Net”. 

In addition to “Operation Safety Net”, authorities have put out a public call for help from the “good ole boys” of Minnesota to “stand up” against the demonstrators. 

Tragically, white supremacists are happy to answer calls like this, as seen last year in Kenosha, WI, when juvenile vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse murdered two protestors with an assault rifle as they attempted to disarm him. 

We speak to Niko Georgiades from Unicorn Riot who was assaulted by police live on air, and detained along with several other journalists on the frontline in Brooklyn Center.

Check out episode five and hear part one of my conversation with Niko Georgiades from Unicorn Riot, and more.

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