Brodkorb Lawsuit Comes Up On MN Senate Floor

Minnesota's Senate may be sued by a former employee and DFL Senators would like the Republicans to not keep all of the details about it to themselves.
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MN GOP Proposes Anti-Union Constitutional Amendment

Minnesota Republicans call it a "worker freedom" constitutional amendment. Unions call it a "right to work for less" constitutional amendment. That language may give you an idea of how divisive…
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MN Amendment Would Make Voting A Privilege, Not A Right Says Election Official

"This proposal is simply a bad idea," said Beth Fraser of the Minnesota Secretary of State's office.
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MN Employers Stuck With Bill For Construction Layoffs

Minnesota businesses are paying more in federal taxes because the state of Minnesota hasn't paid back loans it got from the federal government.
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NRA Uses Fear To Sell Guns, Says Minnesota State Senator

By: Jacob Wheeler, UpTake Journalist Minnesota State Senator Barb Goodwin (Democratic Farm Labor party) says that a “shoot first” gun bill proposed by Republicans would make Minnesota seem like the…

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MN GOP Proposed Legislative Redistricting Maps

By: Michael McIntee, UpTake Journalist Minnesota’s Republican legislative caucus is making its proposal for the revised House and Senate district legislative districts. These would take effect for the 2012 elections.Click…

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