Radical News Radio Hour

The UpTake is proud to sponsor and co-produce the Radical News Radio Hour and aimed at telling the stories of social movements and community organizing across the Twin Cities. The show is produced, written, and hosted by our Executive Director, Cirien Saadeh, and is created in partnership with WFNU. You can find the show on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, and most anywhere you get your podcasts.

Episode 19: The Power of Hmong Women and a Discussion on State Bonding

Episode 18: Public Testimony from the House Select Committee on Racial Justice

Episode 17: The Flu Shot & Continued Coverage from the House Select Committee on Racial Justice

Episode 16: Discussing the new Building Dignity and Respect Standards Council and Worker-Driven Social Responsibility Model

Episode 15: Continued Coverage on the House Select Committee on Racial Justice as they Discuss ACES

Episode 14: Introducing the new House Select Committee on Racial Justice

Episode 13: Discussing the Census and Surly Brewing Unionization Efforts

Episode 12: Discussing Justice for Unhoused People

Episode 11: Discussing the East Side Freedom Library, Encampments, and Supporting Healthcare Workers

Episode 10: Discussing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Episode 9: Exploring Climate Justice and Environmental Justice

Episode 8: Police Accountability and Other Updates from the Minnesota State Legislature

Episode 7: Talking about South Minneapolis organizing

Episode 6: Discussing Police Reform and Defunding the Police with Minneapolis Councilmember Jeremiah Ellison

Episode 5: Discussing Conversion Therapy and the City of St. Paul’s Recent Ban on Conversion Therapy

Episode 4: Discussing Bonding & Equity During the Minnesota State Legislative Special Session

Episode 3: Discussing the Uprisings in Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Episode 2: Discussing the End of the 2020 Legislative Session

Episode 1: Exploring how Community Organizing Changes in a Pandemic