Upcoming Community Journalism Trainings (Fall/Winter 2023) – Prepping for the 2024 Legislative Session

While the legislative session is several months away, preparation for the 2024 legislative session is already well under way. As part of that work, The UpTake has an open invitation to all members of the Twin Cities to attend one of our upcoming community journalism workshops.

Have you ever wondered how journalists get their story ideas? Do you want to know more about how stories get from being pitched to published? Are you interested in exploring your own questions about the legislative session?

If so, attend one (or more) of our upcoming (free) community journalism workshops!

If you’re interested in attending, email Cirien Saadeh at cirien.saadeh@theuptake.org to RSVP and receive location information. Each training will be offered in-person!

Introduction to Community Journalism: Training & Discussion

This training introduces participants to community journalism through a discussion-packed, experiential two-hour training. Participants have the opportunity to explore the role that journalism can play in helping a community build power, the processes of community journalism, and the connections between community journalism and community organizing.

Oct 17: 5pm – 7pm, Location TBA

Community Journalism: From Pitch to Promotion

This training walks participants through the journalistic process, allowing them to explore the work that goes into creating a single reported piece, from pitch to promotion. This discussion-based, experiential training explores the decisions that reporters need to make in order to effectively develop a pitch, conduct interviews and collect research, write, edit, and inform, and the rights and responsibilities of both the journalist and the news consumer.

Nov. 4: 11am-1pm, Location TBA

Community Journalism: Exploring Legislative Reporting

Legislative reporting is a unique and crucial type of journalism. This training will introduce reporters to the how’s and why’s of policy reporting on a state level. We’ll talk about accessing legislative spaces in Minnesota and beyond, the resources you have available to you as a legislative reporter, the role of collaboration in journalism, and how to report on legislative policy-making as a community journalist. 

Nov. 9: 12pm – 1pm, Location TBA

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