Crowd at Pride parade 2015

#LoveWins At 2015 Pride Parade

This year’s Pride parade had something extra to celebrate — a U.S. Supreme Court ruling making marriage equality the law in all 50 states. The parade attracted the usual colorful assortment of marchers and floats as well as many politicians.

Governor Mark Dayton And Tina Smith Declare Victory

DFL Wins All Statewide Races, GOP Takes MN House

Governor Mark Dayton and Senator Al Franken win re-election easily. Dayton starts his second term with a Republican House. Franken starts his second term as a member of the minority as Republicans claim control of the U.S. Senate.

17 Debates That Could Determine Minnesota’s Future

In a campaign there is nothing bigger than a face-to-face debate between the candidates. This election season, The UpTake will bring you coverage of 17 of those debates that could determine who wins the election and ultimately determines Minnesota’s future.