Stroller-Jammin’ Moms Beat Gun Lobby in Shootout at St. Paul Starbucks

Starbucks finally woke up and smelled the coffee!

The giant coffee chain announced late Tuesday that it will no longer allow the open carrying of guns in its properties, banning the display of guns — even legally licenses weapons — both inside its restaurants and in outdoor seating areas. Stroller-jammin’ moms in St Paul helped win the fight.

Marriage Defenders Visit St.Paul, LGBT Groups Counter

Click to Play The National Organization for Marriage brought it’s bus tour to St. Paul, MN, July 28, 2010 to defend traditional marriage. Local LGBT groups showed up promoting other options. The NOM group reserved the capitol steps in addition to the park in front of the capitol. Gay demonstrators were removed from the steps, giving the bus group an uninterrupted view of the entrance.

Mayor Coleman announces new small business initiatives

Minneapolis Mayor Rybak & St. Paul Mayor Coleman held a press conference today in front of a St. Paul grocery store in on University Ave. They announced new initiatives to support University Ave small businesses during the building of the Central Corridor Light Rail Train. The new initiatives, including a $1.5 million loan for small businesses, are part of a support system for small businesses in St.

Mayor Coleman: “There are going to some really difficult moments.”

Mayor Coleman of St. Paul and Minneapolis Mayor Rybak held a press conference in front of University Ave. grocery store this morning. They discussed new initiatives to support local businesses during the building of Central Corridor Light Rail Train. Mayor Coleman said that they recognized the process would not be easy, but they are considering the best ways to support local businesses.